Hand Writing Improvement

Though hand writing does not require any introduction as this is an inevitable step which we start in our childhood through “hate-khori”. Gradually we develop this essential skill with lot of patience and practice and ultimately it becomes our tool to express our thoughts, to score in the examinations and scientifically, hand writing becomes ones identity.  Later days, this skill only gives the space for the graphic arts and calligraphy in the human creative world.  In this modern day of technology also, we need this skill more than we think.

Why Good Handwriting is Important:

  • For school children a clear and legible handwriting enables easier scoring in examinations
  • Legible handwriting impresses the examiner (of course coupled with the accurate information)
  • In adult life communication of critical information, drafting, taking dictation.
  • A good and clear handwriting also increases self-confidence.

Outcome of our Training:

  • Legible writing
  • Symmetry in the character spacing and size
  • Scientifically given training keeps balance with the speed of writing also
  • Correct way of holding the pen/pencil

The Course:

  1. 15 classes of one hour (weekly 2 to 3 classes)
  2. Home work for 15 days (at least 15 minutes daily)
  3. No age bar (even adults can join)
  4. We are special as:
    • 6 months free follow-up
    • Emphasis on Cursive writing
    • Progress report to guardian
    • Scientific method applied to guide the students without pressure
    • End of programme, students will be certified