Calligraphy Writing

As per dictionary Calligraphy is “decorative handwriting”. Through this we add the artistic approach to our normal handwriting. In today’s computer age, we use “fonts” or scripting styles; Calligraphy is an age old art form to use graphical styles in the creative writing. This is used to form the calligraphy fonts. There are numerous uses of Calligraphy writing in the new age creative world like Advertising, Graphic Writing, Movies, and Merchandising.

The Course:

  1. 15 classes of one hour (weekly 2 to 3 classes)
  2. Home work for 15 days (at least 30 minutes daily)
  3. No age bar (even adults can join)
  4. We are special as:
  • 6 months free follow-up
  • Individual attention by expert professionals
  • End of programme, students will be certified